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v9 Solutions create beautiful websites, applications and bespoke systems in Warrington, Cheshire.

Our Office

Our office is located in Warrington, Cheshire in the UK - a central location for our employees with a direct train-line to Manchester, Leeds and London. As a small company we set out to create a great working environment - for us that meant a workspace thats bright and airy and that encourages collaboration, innovation and creativity.

From the beginning we designed our workspace to be modular. We can add and/or remove components to allow for different layouts on the fly which is great for hack days, hot desk-ing and unconferences where we might want to switch out a few desks for sofas or wall space for example.

Our Process

At v9 we employ various agile and 'out of the box' style approaches to our processes. We have a large screen that takes pride of place right in the center of the wall above our desks. We use this screen for an overview of our Trello boards or to show off our latest work to our colleagues for help or critique.

After reading James Shore’s article we decided we needed an object of deploy, we didn’t have a rubber chicken to hand but we did have… a pig!! And so was born the Pig of Deploy, we now incorporate him into all aspects of our productivity platforms including trello, our kanban wall and we even have a virtual pig of deploy built into commit hooks.

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Our Team

v9 Solutions Team Tony Yates
Tony Yates


v9 Solutions Team Damon Jagger
Damon Jagger


v9 Solutions Team Catherine McDonough
Catherine McDonough


v9 Solutions Team Chris Shaw
Chris Shaw


v9 Solutions Team April Yates
April Yates


v9 Solutions Team Pig of Deploy
Pig of Deploy

Law Enforcer

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Our Principles

01 Continuous Delivery

Satisfying our customers through early and continous delivery of amazing software experiences is our highest priority.

02 Stay Agile

We welcome and embrace changing requirements even late in development. We do whatever it takes to give our customers the edge they need.

03 Collaboration

Working together with our customers on a daily basis to help realize their dreams - going above and beyond their wildest expectations.

04 Build

We build our projects around motivated individuals. A world class working environment, trust and support gives them what they need to get the job done.

05 Simplicity

Efficiency is one of our the key staples of our work ethic. Good efficiency means we can build what our customers want quicker, cheaper and with more polish.

06 Self-Organisation

Through the use of self-organizing teams we build the best architectures, requirements and designs. We don’t need to micro-manage our team because they want to perform.

07 Transparency

By sharing everything with our customers and letting them get involved with every step of the development process we can better meet their needs faster than ever before.

08 Reflection

By reflecting on our work at regular intervals we continually improve and become more effective. We are always striving to better ourselves and our work.

09 Passion

When work doesn’t feel like work, that’s when the magic happens. We provide a world class professional service whilst enjoying what we do - seeing commits and discussions on a weekend is common!

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