Brighter, bigger, better - V9 move offices!

Here at v9 we have recently moved into our new office in Cheshire, giving us new opportunities to build on the strong culture we have fostered over the past two years.


Nearly everyone cycles or walks to work, with bikes dotted around the office and making up a large part of the decor. This plays a key part in our summer schedule where we might cycle out for lunch, or for Friday afternoon beers.

Show and Tell Area

Our newest addition to the layout is the ‘Show and Tell’ area where we tend to share most of our ideas and collaborate. This gives us a nice area to sit down with clients, stick the kettle on, and to really gain a personal insight into the problems they are trying to solve or the value they are trying to add.

This area also features a large screen we can remotely connect to from any device, allowing us to share media or give a presentation when needed. We also have a large collection of books and magazines around the office, which is great for taking a break between tasks and keeping up to date on new technologies.

New Office

We are always open to suggestions and feedback, with the latest addition being a fully stocked fridge and arrangement of tea, coffee and snacks. Now we just need to decide whether we go with a central desk or a pool table/desk combo.

All these luxuries certainly help contribute to the culture we have aimed for, making the workplace an enjoyable space to be in, but no v9 office would be complete without talking about our wall space. From our own adaptation of a Kanban, to user research and value propositions, our windows and walls communicate all the work we are doing and help prompt discussion.